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Intensive Dance Team members are chosen from students who audition, show capability of excelling in their classes, miss very few classes, and show a dedication and love for dance.  Dancers must make a solid commitment to their classes, rehearsals, and performances.  They must come prepared to learn without personal distractions.

We have four teams, the Green Team, the White Team, Black Team and the Pink Team.  Each team learns dances that are taken to three (3) competitions in the winter/spring. The competitions are adjudicated - judged solely on that group's performance.  Groups don't compete against each other for their initial score.




After a member has been on the team for at least one (1) year, the Instructor may offer the opportunity to dance some additional routines: a solo, duo, trio, quad, or small group.  This is based on a dancer's performance over the last year, and therefore a second dance is not guaranteed to each dancer who has been on the team for one year.  The decision is left solely up to the Instructor.



If you have a dancer who might be interested in being a member of our Intensive Dance team, he or she should prepare by participating in a ballet class and a jazz class. This will help your dancer gain the skills needed to succeed on the team.


Team members are required to take:

Mini: Combo 5, JET, and their comp choreography class.

Green: 1 hour of ballet, JET, Jazz technique and their comp choreography class.

Pink/White/Black: 4 hours of ballet (including ballet strengthening), Jazz technique, JET and their comp choreography classes.


We encourage Team Members to take classes in other disciplines as well, but they are not required and may not fall on the same night as their comp classes.















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