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The Fall Schedule is posted! If you have any questions, please email pizazzdanceacademy@gmail.com. 

The last day of summer evening  classes will be Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

Fall classes begin Monday, August 25, 2014.


Please remember to follow the dress code.  Leotards and tights are required for every class!





Pizazz 2014 Ballet





 Six Things Every Parent Should
Know Before Choosing A Dance Studio


If most dance studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers, experience teaching children and a big show at the end of the year, aren´t they all pretty much the same? Does it really matter which place you decide to enroll at?


There are 6 main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives, the amount of extra work and hassles the parents must deal with and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of being involved with a dance program. Here are 6 things that every parent should consider before deciding on a dance studio for their child.

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 Why Should I Take Ballet?

By Kirsten Maurer


Perfect placement, terrific technique, extraordinary extension, speed, strength, soaring jumps and amazing turns… Have you ever seen those incredible dancers in a performance, on television or maybe even in class with you?  And it seems you cannot take your eyes off of them, watching every move they make from a plié to a grand jeté.  You’re inspired even by how they just stand there!

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 What Kind of Dancer are You?

Identifying the 3 Types of Dancers


Now that you have decided to dance, what's next? How do you know what classes to take? Well, the first major step is to identify what type of dancer you are. Once you have figured out what type dancer you are now, you can plan for what you want to be. We hope that the descriptions below help you to understand the three different types of dancers. Just remember, no one type of dancer is better than the other - just different.

The main thing is that you ARE a dancer and once you know what role dance plays in your life, you will be able to set realistic goals for yourself. Also, the type you are now can always change later as you grow and learn. If you have any questions, just ask us.


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