Fifteen Ways Exercise Helps You




1. Improves muscle tone.


 2. Increases blood circulation, prevents thrombosis and other circulatory diseases and strengthens the heart to ease its workload.


3. Eases breathing and decongests lungs.


4. Improves digestion and elimination.


5. Allows the body to better utilize food nutrients.


6. Relaxes tensions and induces sound sleep.


7. Stimulates mental processes in both young and old.


8. Prevents digestive upset, heartburn, constipation, headaches, chronic  fatigue, and many other common middle age complaints.


9. Maintains normal weight, whether gains or losses are needed.

10. Improves strength, endurance, muscle coordination, and joint flexibility.


11. Improves posture and grace of body movement in women.


12. Slows signs of aging, both mental and physical.


13. Increases muscular efficiency, making daily workloads easier to handle.


14. Decreases degenerative diseases.


15. Lengthens life.