Fees and Expenses 2018-2019

(Based on 10 months)




Basic Class Prices and Monthly Payments (for 50 minute classes)
Class Total Total Payment
1st class $460.00 $46.00 per month
2 classes discounted to $900.00 $90.00 per month
3 classes discounted to $1320.00 $132.00 per month
4 classes discounted to $1730.00 $173.00 per month
5 classes discounted to $2160 $216.00 per month


The full term price is due in September.  However, to help your budget, you may make ten monthly payments toward the term price.  The first payment is due the first week of classes. Each additional payment will be due the week of the 15th each month. A $15.00 late fee will be assessed if payment is received after the week of the 15th each month.  Late fees will begin in October.  A full payment is due each month regardless of the number of classes attended by a student. Monthly installments are the same regardless of how many weeks may occur during any given month. You will not receive a bill. The 10th payment will be made during the week of the 15th of May, prior to recital. In order to pick up recital tickets, your tuition balance must be paid in full.

Payment 1: August 27-30

Payment 2: September 17-20

Payment 3: October 15-18 

Payment 4: November 12-15

Payment 5: December 10-13

Payment 6: January 14-17

Payment 7: February 11-14

Payment 8: March 11-14

Payment 9: April 8-11

Payment 10: May 13-16

Discounted class fees:  Our multiple class rates are discounted.   The highest cost class will be considered the first class.



Special Classes

Class Total Total Payment (per Month)
Mommy & Me (30 minutes)  $330.00  $33.00
Creative 3 (45 Minutes)  $420.00  $42.00
Primary Ballet (A, B or C); Strengthening; Combo 4 or 5 (1 Hour)  $550.00 each  $55.00 each
Ballet I (2.5 Hours)  $1375.00  $137.50
Ballet II; Ballet III (3 hours)  $1650.00  $165.00
Ballet IV (3.5 hours)  $1930.00  $193.00
Pre-pointe or Pointe I (30 minutes)  $450.00  $45.00
Pointe II (includes Pointe I) (1 hour)  $830.00  $83.00


Private Lessons (must take class in same discipline)

Class Payment per lesson                    
Private (30 minute lesson) $30.00
Semi-private (30 minute lesson) $25.00 per student
Trio or Quad (30 minute lesson) $20.00 per student

Private and semi–private lessons are not included in the determination of multi class discounts. If a student must be absent from private lessons, he/she will be charged for the lesson unless a cancellation is called at least four hours in advance by leaving a message at (304)292-9671.



Registration Fee

There is a $15.00 non-refundable registration fee for each dancer upon registration.  Each additional family member will pay a $10.00 registration fee, also non-refundable.


Fees and expenses

There will be a non-refundable $175* fee per dancer, due no later than November 15, 2018. This fee includes: one costume, tights, recital t-shirt, 2 tickets to the recital and a program per dancer.  

If your dancer takes more than one class, the additional costume fees will be as follows (price is per costume):

$100 up to Large Adult

$120 XL Adult

$130 XXL Adult

All costume fees will be due by November 15, 2018. A costume will be ordered for each dancer, for each class.  No refunds will be given.  There will be no exceptions. 

Your fall Sarris and Oakbrook Fundraising is encouraged to pay this fee, but is not required.  We have many clients who have never paid for a costume out of their pocket.  

*$10 additional for XL Adult; $20 additional for XXL Adult; $50 additional for Combo 4 - 5 classes (they will have either convertible costumes or one formal costume and one studio made costume).



Other Costs   In addition to class fees listed, you should anticipate expenses for the following:


Tights (different classes require different types) (recital tights are included in costume fee!)

Shoes (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Hip Hop)

Batons - purchase at O.B. Fawleys across from Kroger in Sabraton.

Production tickets beyond the two included with your fee, for all guests. ($15 per ticket in advance; $20 per ticket at the door on recital day)

Optional expenses may include sweatshirt, sweatpants, t-shirts, yearbook ad(s), Opening Number tuition, Production pictures and Production DVD.




In September, we will begin our fundraising efforts to assist each student in paying for dance costume(s) by selling Sarris Candies Holiday Program and Oakbrook Favorites - Auntie Anne's pretzels, Strombolies, Cheesecakes, french bread pizzas, cookie dough and magazine subscriptions.  This is an excellent fundraiser and the items are very easy to sell.  Fundraising is optional, but we strongly recommend it!

We will do another fundraiser in the beginning of 2019 to help with other costs such as recital video purchase, dance pictures, and yearbook ads.






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